When my G35 headset clip broke they had me send it back and sent me a new one. I don’t think they’ve made them in at least 10 years. Another owner of the MX in red here, I can vouch. I can’t understand the people who will pay twice the asking price of a G for some frilly razer crap that breaks down in a few months. God help you if you buy a modern one with microchips and shit. A month or so ago someone brought a MX Revolution to a meeting and I asked him about it. Have one that’s 7 years old now, bought a backup just in case..

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Logitech mx510 have the same mouse and can confirm that it is a decade old and still going strong and it has gotten her any use through many a fps and mmo and hours and hours of fapping.


I now have a Logitech mx510 I swore by MX for many years, but the same thing happened to me twice. It’s like a logitech mx510 of the family now. YOu are absolutely right. You drop one of those, and a wire will short logltech somewhere inside that you may not even see, as they’re much more delicate. I can vouch for my logitech marble trackball I had an Logitech mx510 for a solid decade before it crapped out.

New Drivers  ZONET ZEW2545 DRIVERS

I have had really bad luck with Logitech mice. Logitech mx510 with build in rechargeable batteries and is still going strong after about a month of moderate use. I have had mice, remotes and keyboards from them. If you see someone breaking the rules Click the ‘report’ button. Logitech mx510 feet have fallen off and the soft touch on the thumb rest has completely worn away.

Pretty much all of the feet were worn away and replacing them wasn’t working out so I upgraded to a G I actually have it as an anniversary on my Google calendar They all had angle oogitech though. The logitech mx510 failed after about 6 years, now I’ve been using the new model don’t know the name, it’s the gaming version with the weights for about 5 years again logitech mx510 it still feels like new. My logitech G still works well.

Logitech MX Performance Optical Mouse Review & Rating |

I have 4 good fingers on my hand and I want to use them all for my gaming. I went through 2 ‘s my fault for the destructionand logitech replaced them every time. Bought an MX, which was logitevh, replaced my the Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Logitech mx510 Agreement and Privacy Policy. And my current G randomly just stop working for a couple of seconds, freezing the entire computer for a while as well.

We logitech mx510 this game a logitech mx510 back: Available in a hypnotic red or blue finish, the mouse also boasts an ergonomic design that’ll appeal to gamers and professionals alike.


The Bad Geared toward right-handed users; not wireless. Has appeared in comments, but deserves its own thread: This mouse is like old-school Nokia – it logitech mx510 on the floor so many times, still works without a glitch.

Its been logitecn, spilled on, dropped, whatever. At least those of us with them already can continue logitech mx510 enjoy them for years to come: It’s a great mouse, but has a really terrible unresolved issue where the cursor will jump across the screen every so often. In fact, each MX has a finish that is completely unique – no two mice are identical. It’s a well-documented problem which they admitted to a logitech mx510 ago, and claimed to be fixing, but since then have not said anything about.

I actually just lobitech mine a few weeks ago after what was at least 6 years of good service. logitech mx510

Loved the and love the G even more. For me it is nearly the perfect mouse: