Please login or register. In Polling mode the cpu periodically requests the touchscreen data from the touchscreen. July 08, , February 05, , Navigation Main page SomLabs Website. The byte is always equal to register number being written.

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Michael, It seems we found a reason of the strange behavior.

We tried to write to mode register hoping that it will hear and exit test mode but that didn’t help. This means that there will be a lot of communication on the i2c port since this has to happen once every few ms. Personal tools Create account Log in.

Similar to item 1 we could not find solution how to improve sensivity.

Then we supposed that driver has set touch threasholds too high so it does not recognize events. We have three displays with the same behavior. After all these options have been selected, save your configuration, exit the menuconfig oinux, build a new kernel image:.

Capacitive touch problems under linux (FT5x06)

Then I proposed to pull the flat cable out of connector and push it back while the u-boot is running. Now we see that and have different delays, possibly because they have different clock frequencies, ‘ being higher that one of Please, check this issue with your displays if possible.


To change and test transformation matrix please visit https: Michael, 1 We use the same code to work with both displays. So, 7″ touch screen works OK.

CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_EDT_FT5X06: EDT FocalTech FT5x06 I2C Touchscreen support

To be sure that your SD card has enough space linuxx it, please remember to gt5306 it before installing xfce4 package – more information: Below is a link to the FT5x06 application note, which shows these registers: For example, if we write in u-boot i2c tool: Please verify this and try the display again. To enable support for FT5x06 driver, configure kernel with menuconfig tool alternatively use make xconfig or make qconfig:. If so, this ‘feature’ must be documented.

All the delays reported in the spec are about mks that is about 2 bit intervals on KHz bus and half bit interval of kHz bus. You may be correct, since the WAKE signal operates as you have described.

I think that FT processes its I2C interrupt too slow to update the I2C transmit register so we get the value that has been written in write stage of the transaction.

Now I cannot remember exact phrase but something about different number of rows in matrix. The controller IC has various registers that can be set to custom values, such as f5t306 threshold.


The interrupt Pin can be part of the startup procedure for handshakes or indications. In fact, it is present on i2c bus but it allways reads ad last byte written to it. I had not run into this issue before using our testers, but it seems it is highly dependent on which processor is being used.

Support for various Goodix GT9xx chips is available since Linux We actually need it to be placed beyong glass as thick as 2 mm or even 4 mm.

No driver in sunxi So, do you know the way to get it back to initial state?

FT5X06 can’t work properly

Produced config actually scales values from touchscreen controller to map to the screen so it may happen that one axis works ok and another doesn’t. Retrieved from ” https: But then u-boot starts and places GPIO pins in a known state.

Supported in mainline Linux 4. Probably we need something else?