Apart from that it works fine. Dumping my tracks from DAT at 48KHz, the sucker would randomly lose synchronisation from time to time and then I had to It is and I have been running an AW8 since COM’ ; insertatcursor document. What can we do without a good MME driver?? You’ll see this reminder one more time after which it will not appear.

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I did get a Mackie to act as a central patch bay.

Robert Koppenhol ps Email is RobertKoppenhol. This is the problem: Like most professional grade sequencing software, it’s a bit ovewhelming.

I have cubase audio vst 3. Cheryl Product rating out of 5: To cut down on spammers, cookies must be enabled to post comments to this page.

Im a professional jazz guitarist in the Philadelphia area. Looking for the manual? This would audiowdrk cool ;- TED Product rating out of 5: Is it a good card, should I buy it?

The card works absolutely seamlessly with the software and has a great sound. I use the extension AW 8 and the sound control panel Product rating out of 5: Also there is the sample rate that keep changing? Many of the soundcards that are basically just audio interfaces without a synth engine include a MIDI port as well.


We are experiencing terrible quality from the card. Im sure it is in their best interests to beat their competitors to a fully multi-media friendly multi channel soundcard.

Terrible digital noise and low volume levels on recording and playback.

Audiowerk drivers

Will this work ie is 7 an estimation for 6. Or is it as simple as Aw8 will just not function properly with Cubase at all Audiowerm would like to use the card under Logic Audio 2.

Add your email if you want replies to any question you post – You will receive an email if someone replies! Sign in to disable this ad. If anything, why wouldnt I want to have 8 iputs and stereo out! I’m auudiowerk professional jazz guitarist in the Philadelphia area.


Email supplied but hidden Activity: Can anybody said-me how to install aw for audioweerk Now i know you cannot guarantee anything with sx2 but any clues about why i have this problem below? Features and price for ditributions Product rating out of 5: It produced a varied and random selection of error messages and crashed and froze a lot, but I still could’nt access AW8’s 8 outputs.


The sound is the best when it works. The Emagic gumf says you need to use Logic – can you do this under another package?

Iredg’s review – Emagic Audiowerk II – Audiofanzine

It keeps telling me fail pathinit – something like that – System intel mmx with qdi Tx mainboard; s3 virge dx 4mb videocard and an advansys ultrascsi all on the PCIbus! Where can I download it!

More choices in this product category from other manufacturers: Keep on Flood and Draining!!!! Its great when it all works but there are a lot of driver problems and many windows crashes for me.